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Kimberly Nelson

Kimberly Nelson has been studying the topic of metaphysics and healing for over 10 years. Kimberly is a certified hypnotherapist through the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH) and pursues ongoing study at Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts. 


With a love of the healing power of music and vibration from early childhood, Kimberly incorporates the power of positive affirmation/intention and hypnotherapy with the energy of sound. Kimberly created Heightened Self in 2022 with the intention to support individuals in creating and living their best lives through subconscious healing.

Kimberly has been facilitating group sound baths and hypnotherapy sessions at healthcare facilities for 2 years and is in the process of expanding to provide a diverse range of holistic healing services to facilities all over the valley.

Please use the "Contact Us" link above if you are a healthcare facility seeking to incorporate these services into your programming!

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